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Chang Yi / Producer / Director / Writer

Award winning writer-director / CEO, Liuligongfang

Chang Yi’s "Identify Yourself"; episode in the 1982 film “In Our Time”
was hailed as the quintessential work of Taiwan’s “New Wave” movement.
Filmed between 1984-1986, his award winning feminist trilogy “Jade Love”,
“Kuei-Mei, A Woman” and “This Kind of Love”, are acknowledged as
Chinese classics. This trilogy also earned him the Best Director and
Best Screenplay awards at the Golden Horse Film Festival and
Asia-Pacific Film Festival respectively. 

In 1987, he and Loretta H. Yang stepped away from their
cinematic careers to establish Liuligongfang. Liuligongfang has since
become a pioneering icon in the contemporary glass art arena
both domestically and internationally.